Basic Information About The Neocortex s.r.o.

The Neocortex s.r.o. (Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1992. The company is currently engaged in renting out and selling condominium units, commercial properties and land holdings for individual construction, all of which are in the company´s ownership. As the land owner, The Neocortex s.r.o. also acts as an investor and a developer of engineering and is involved in various investment activities.

The Neortex s.r.o. is also a founder of publicly beneficial company Dialogus Citizens Advice Center. This publicly beneficial company operates a nonprofit web application that provides independent information about the celebrities.

Identification Information

ID (Identification Number): 47121211
VAT (Tax Identification Number): CZ47121211

The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by Municipal Court in Prague Section C, insert 13272.

The company´s address is listed on the Contact Us page.

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