Bohdalec-les project

Bohdalec-les is a villa-house close to downtown Prague, built by Neocortex in 2006. The apartments were sold to individual customers.

The house was designed and built in order to offer the occupants comfortable and convenient living in downtown Prague at a reasonable price. The apartment equipment is above-standard. The latest technologies were applied for the construction of the building.

The house is situated on a southward moderate slope and neighbors with the Bohdaleký les forest. Most apartments offer a nice view over the Michelské údolí valley. Other apartments face the Bohdalecký les forest.

Description of the house

Almost all apartments have a front-yard, a winter garden or a terrace. Each apartment is equipped with first-rate kitchen furniture including appliances, sanitary equipment and a gas boiler for heating and hot water. The apartment is overall secured. Top-quality windows with micro-ventilation, floating floors, flooring and tiles, TV, satellite, telephone and Internet connections are provided.

There are only 10 apartments in the house. Seven roofed lockable parking spaces and two open parking spaces are located in front of the house.

The excellent architectonic design makes it possible to provide several apartments with direct access to a private front-yard.

Technical details
Number of apartments 10
Number of below-ground floors 4
Number of parking spaces 7+2
Built-up area (appr. in square meters) 388
Cubical content (appr. in cubic meters) 2316
Total usable area (appr. in square meters) 519
Construction started on February 14, 2005
Date of use-permit issue December 29, 2006


Main Supplies
Consulting engineer Prins s.r.o.
Managing contractor STAVBY KÜHN s.r.o
Technical supervision Ing. Svěchota Pavel - Silpin