Beautiful Building Plots of Land near Prague – Strančice

For sale: Beautiful and affordable land lots for purpose of building single family detached dwellings east of Prague. Strančice is easily accessible from Prague and have all the amenities. The plots of land are located amongst the existing buildings in the village. The lots are sized from 815 m2 to 1174 m2.

The Location of the Plots of Land


What may be built on land lots in Strančice

Pursuant to binding Decree of municipal zoning plan, the land area is stated to be a type of rural residential area designated for constructing a complex of single family detached residential dwellings.


  • Rural type of residential area designated for minor craft and trade facilities, single family detached homes, or semi-detached dwellings.
  • Small production, artisan workshops and manufacturing services that do not have negative influence on the environment directly adjacent to the residential buildings.
  • Common public facility type of service facility
  • Areas necessary for conducting utility lines, roads and pavements
  • Office buildings in size of single family detached dwelling
  • Small-scale greenery
  • Children playground and sports area

Conditionally permissible: technical facility dwellings, accommodation facilities, public garages; veterinary offices

Urban design: 1 – 2 above ground levels + utilized attic; maximum building height of 10 m.

The Village of Strančice

The Strančice is a large community in the immediate vicinity of Prague, in Prague East location. Although it is situated close to Prague and is easily accessible from Prague, the village of Strančice is surrounded by beautiful and pure nature of Prague Hills. There is a myriad of opportunities for lovely walks or bike rides. Mixed and deciduous forests invite you to relax and recreate yourself.

Strančice have more than 1600 permanent residents. The resident´s average age is 38. The village of Strančice is situated at a 415 meter altitude. Thanks to the great altitude location of the village, a convalescent home was established here in between the wars, to treat patients with the respiratory diseases. There is a school, kindergarten, medical facility, library, several restaurants, post office, sewage system, wastewater treatment plant and water supply pipeline. There is a gas pipeline (so many people use gas to heat their homes) which ensures clean air for its residents.
There is a Sokol Strančice Physical Education Club located in the village. It offers the following classes: Tennis, Volleyball, Taekwondo and also general classes (Parents and Children Class, Tourism Class, Exercise for Women, Floorball for Men, Badminton, Music and Drama, Zumba).


The road number 107 goes through the village (Říčany – Strančice - Velké Popovice – Týnec nad Sázavou).There are freeway entrances about 1,5 km far from the village to a 1/E50/E55/E65 freeways, exit 15 (Všechromy). To get to Prague takes about 8 minutes on freeway.
The village of Strančice lies on the railway route 221 Prague – Benešov). It is a double-track, electrified nationwide railway, which is a part of the European Railway System and part of the 3rd railway corridor. It was founded in 1871. The following trains run there: S9 (Prague Main Train Station – Benešov u Prahy) and S29 (Prague – Vysočany – Strančice) which is Prague Esco Commuter Rail System. The trains run every 10 minutes in both directions duriing the rush hours and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the center of Prague. The railway station Říčany serves a large number of trains, with the fast trains just passing through here.

The Elementary School in Strančice

The elementary school in the village of Strančice has a long history. The first, old school was originally founded in 1924. The new school started to be built in 1928 and it operates from 1929 to this day. The school has about 350 student´s capacity. The capacity of afterschool classes is about 90 students and the capacity of the school cafeteria is around 350 meals. The approximate list of afterschool classes (as of 01/2012): Ceramics, Chess Club, English Classes, French, Spanish, German Classes, Play with FIMO Clay, Basket Weaving, Computer Classes, Floorball, Dance Group Classes.

The Nursery School in Strančice

The nursery school is located in pleasant and peaceful environment on the outskirts of the village in the residential area by the forest, where there´s a minimum amount of traffic. The original, one-story villa was expanded in the 1970ties, when the ground floor annex was built and the garden facing the forest was created. The nursery school accepts children aged 3 to 6 years for morning, or an all day stay. The school has cafeteria. There are 60 children enrolled in this nursery school for the year of 2011/2012 and they are divided into three classes. The first class – yellow wagon, is a class for 4 year old children, who gradually get acquainted with the rules of coexistence in the group with other children. In the second and the third class, the orange and blue wagon, there are preschoolers. Thus, children aged 5 to 6 years, who have the beginning of their schooling postponed by one year.

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