The Land Lots and Prices in Strančice

The list of individual plots of land for the purpose of building a single family detached dwellings in Strančice, east of Prague and their prices. The prices of these land lots include all the utilities and community fees.

The Map of Plots of Land

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The Discount Prices of Land in Strančice

Currently there´s a 15% price discount that applies to the above stated land lots! This offer is time limited and is valid until the construction of the utility lines begins. The discount is only valid under the condition that the client signs the reservation contract and submits the reservation fee until the construction of roads and utility networks starts. The utility networks are to be completed within the maximum of 36 months.

The Prices of the Land Lots

Because of the location (proximity to Prague), great public transportation availability (suburban commuter train and freeway) and the good location in the village make this land a great investment opportunity.  

Lot NumberSize in m2Total price in CZKStatus
108/4 1174 2 990 000,- Available
108/5 857 2 490 000,- Available
108/6 849 2 490 000,- Reserved
108/7 850 2 490 000,- Available
108/8 814 2 590 000,- Available
108/9 815 2 690 000,- Reserved
108/10 815 2 790 000,- Available
108/11 815 2 980 000,- Available
108/1 836 2 880 000,- Available

There are no additional fees on top of the price of the land lots. The prices of the land lots include the construction of all the utilities and all the municipality fees associated with getting connected to utility lines. The prices also include all fees associated with the land register. Real estate transfer tax is paid by the seller.

The price of the land includes the share in the adjacent road.  The seller is developing roads with the basic surfaces that are about 3 meters wide, for the construction purpose. After the completion of 9 land lots, the land owners will complete the road construction and public street lighting and will transmit it to the municipality.

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